NDIS System Selection Process

When should you start the Client Management System selection process?

While providers understandably want the new system up and running ASAP, rushing the selection and implementation of software is a recipe for disaster. We recommend taking at least a year to select and roll out an NDIS-ready system.

The following diagram provides an overview of a typical system project. As the diagram shows, the rollout contains three distinct phases, with each taking around 3-6 months to complete.

ITdep diagram.png

The system selection phase requires Australian disability service providers to outline their requirements under the NDIS, shortlist and review potential systems, and then get board approval for the decision. This is potentially a costly and time-consuming for organisations to complete internally, as it requires them to evaluate and select from over 50 systems on the market. We find that using external mentoring services shortens this process, and  increases to likelihood of organisations choosing the right software systems. The ImproveIT4NDIS project has been specifically designed to help organisations with this difficult and complex decision.

Rolling out the chosen solution across the business is are again a time-consuming process. The go-live phase requires customisation the solution to the organisation, importing data, and training the first set of users. There is also often a range of pilot rollouts to manage, mobile and tablet devices to update, and business process to modify. Once the system goes live, most organisations spend the best part of a year completing the rollout across all of their users and services. We have seen many organisations produce a great end-result by following a highly phased approach across the organisation. Utilising mentoring services will again help to shortens this process, and maximise the likelihood of a successful rollout.

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