IT Management

IT planning, strategy development and governance.

Creativity Inc is a dynamic and innovative not-for-profit organisation that provides respite, day programs and recreational services to people who have a disability living throughout Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

ALARA QLD Limited is a not for profit, community based organisation that provides a broad range of innovative and responsive services for people with a disability and their families.

An efficient, secure and functional IT environment is essential for organisations operating under the NDIS. Information and resources are available in this section of the website to help your organisation determine the most suitable infrastructure to meet your needs.

Having a plan to improve your organisations information technology (IT or sometimes ICT, for information and communication technology) can help you fix what’s broken, do a better job of helping clients, and give you a bit more certainty about where you’re headed in the future.

Quality, sustainable and reliable ICT support and advice is essential to ensure NFP organisations don’t waste money or the valuable time of staff and volunteers. If you are not satisfied with your ICT support and advice, this should be addressed before working out new ways in which you can use technology.

To maintain some continuity in ICT support, all organisations should have:

This step-by-step guide covers: how to start budgeting, what to do about hardware replacement and software upgrades, budgeting for services like the internet, reviewing leasing arrangements, getting help from your IT suppliers, working out what you might have missed and compiling your budget.

So, you're looking at investing in a new IT system? It could be your server, client management system or finance system. It's important that you take into consideration all the costs that may not be obvious at the start. To help you, we have a template you can use as a starting point for creating a budget.