Case study - Leisure Networks

The client

Leisure Networks aims to build capacity by connecting people through sport and recreation, and by supporting people with a disability to lead ordinary, included lives. They work closely with sporting clubs, local government and health providers, and currently provide disability support services for over 400 people in the Barwon and Geelong areas.

The challenge

As a participant in the Barwon region trial for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Leisure Networks were expanding rapidly and needed to find new ways to work more efficiently.

Many of their records were paper-based and their IT infrastructure was out-of-date, meaning that keeping up with the demands of the NDIS was challenging and labour-intensive.

The solution

We took over the management of Leisure Networks’ IT systems and updated their software and infrastructure so that it was consistent throughout the organisation. We also moved them onto a remotely-managed server, making it easier to install updates across their network.

By using Microsoft Office365’s cloud-based features, staff can now easily communicate and share information whether they’re in the office or out working in the community. Having a central location to access and share their files with the team means staff now have much more time to get on the with job of helping people in the community.

Having Infoxchange looking after and maintaining our IT systems has been brilliant. It takes a load off my shoulders knowing that our staff can work efficiently, and it’s what we need as we grow.