Low-cost training options for your staff

Do your staff need help with their digital skills? Thankfully there are a lot of low-cost options for training online and in person. Here are a few options for giving your staff professional development opportunities that are cost-effective.

1) Online learning resources

Online learning is the use of computer and telecommunications technologies to deliver and receive learning materials as part of an education program. Online learning provides course materials such as workbooks, course guides and references online or via digital media. An integral part of online learning is the creation of learning communities where students can interact with each other and their teachers using online technologies such as video conferencing, webinars, forums and chat rooms.

When it comes to learning, there are a lot of great resources online. Many of the companies that produce software are producing guides and hints online. Where you can’t find it offered by the company, someone else may have created a tutorial. Read more about different options for free or low-cost training online. *(link to article)*

2) Train the trainer

For a long-term and potentially lower-cost option, a train-the-trainer model may be helpful. Rather than training all your staff, you can send one or two staff to have paid or formal training. They then pass their learning onto their colleagues, and the added benefit is that the trainer is also able to provide on-going support. New staff can be trained as they arrive. Look for train-the-trainer courses in your area; costs will vary and remember to budget for internal time to deliver and receive training.

3) Face-to-Face learning options

If your staff prefer face-to-face learning, local TAFEs, polytechnics, universities and community organisations may offer a range of low-cost computing courses.

Here are a few examples of organisations offering training: