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Email newsletters are a cheap and efficient way to get your organisation’s message out to people who actually want to hear it. This article outlines why you should use email newsletters, choosing a system and evaluating the results.

As the labour market shifts and technology advances, the nature of ‘work’ is changing. Flexible work arrangements are the way of the future, providing benefits for organisations, employees, the environment and the economy. More and more workplaces in the public and private sectors are adopting the practice as a way to lower costs and improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

If, after assessment of your workforce, tasks and organisational mission, you decide that teleworking could work for your organisation, to implement telework successfully and sustainably you will need to get an idea of what kind of telework arrangement will work best for your organisation. 

Maintenance is an ongoing task and is important to the daily operation of your IT environment. Although each and every environment is different, a sound server maintenance plan might include these simple steps.