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In the menu you'll see a list of categories you can choose from. Governance, planning and management covers everything you’ll need to know about setting up an IT plan for your organisation, buying software and hardware, getting your board involved, and keeping things running.  Client information and service delivery includes managing and sharing client information and delivering services online. Platforms and collaboration can help you make decisions about better ways to work with others within your organisation, including platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps, as well as online conferencing and other communications. Online presence has articles about your website, social media and email marketing. Skills and culture addresses your organisation’s IT training needs and attitudes to technology, including how 'IT savvy' you are. Risk & disaster includes legal issues, IT support, security and privacy, and disaster recovery.


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Not every organisation needs to use social media. There’s no rule that says just because everyone else is using it you have to as well.

The range of online fundraising systems available covers the simplest needs for one-off donations to complex systems for tracking and updating all your donors.

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Webinar – Managing your IT infrastructure

For organisations that require local IT infrastructure, it is critical that the infrastructure is managed and maintained effectively to ensure that the organisation can deliver its services . This section provides a webinar and resources that can help organisations maintain their infrastructure and put processes in place to reduce risks. 

According to ‘The Symantec Disaster Recovery Research 2009’ more organisations are now taking the backup process more seriously than previous years, however, one out of every four test recoveries fail. This is an alarming number and only strengthens the importance of testing your backed up data on a regular basis.